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Relax Track

The RELAX Track establishes fundamental relaxation techniques, working with the breath, body, and mind. The guided practices in RELAX serve as a foundation for future tracks. The goal of this track is to relax the body and to start to calm the mind. You’ll accomplish this by learning key breathing techniques, simple stretches and by… Continue reading

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Heal Track

The goal of HEAL is to leave you feeling deeply connected, rejuvenated, more self-aware and nourished. In the HEAL Track, you’ll learn important breathing and meditation techniques that leave you feeling nourished and rejuvenated. You will be guided through practices that allow you to identify, without attachment or judgment, unconstructive and constructive thoughts that form… Continue reading

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Transform Track

TRANSFORM offers guided meditations that develop your ability to remain unattached, as an observer, while witnessing your fears, unwanted habits and limiting beliefs. In our previous track, HEAL, you developed the ability to witness your thoughts without judging or becoming attached to them. In TRANSFORM, we’ll guide you through practices that cultivate further your ability… Continue reading

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Thrive Track

THRIVE includes guided meditations that allow you to live a happier, more fulfilled life. In our previous track, TRANSFORM, you were guided through practices that are meant to help you better understand and overcome fears, unwanted habits, and limiting beliefs. In the THRIVE Track, you’ll learn practices that allow you to access a deep silence… Continue reading

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Peace Track

In PEACE we use light, sound, nature, the breathe, and love as a means to achieve inner peace and balance. You reach your final destination with the PEACE Track. The goal of our PEACE Track is to guide you through practices that help you attain and preserve a state of peace – mentally and spiritually…. Continue reading

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